Today’s ERP’s were created decades of years back and being continuously updated, forcing us to work on same old structure that was relevant for that time So we came up with something new that is designed today and to be used for tomorrow

User Experience ~ Let ERP be the way you look at things

We particularly focused on giving an experience to users so that they love it, consider it to be part of themselves, at the same time both fluid and smooth We have put whole ERP on web based interface to make them feel they are just browsing through a website or purely a social networking experience

Reports  ~ Let us change the way it works
 Reports are integral part of ERP system helping users to make right decision at right time.  We find most ERP’s force users to go to a particular place to fetch reports they want. This means they use it to submit reports not for what it should be i.e., keeping them up-to-date. We thought about this really hard. We want to change the fundamental way of reporting. We wanted users to know what they are working on in few seconds, look at related history should they want more details, have birds eye on their organization or departments So We went little far with reports and designed our ERP to have four level

  SAG - Get status of anything in 10 seconds
  Dashboard - Multiple levels right from organization to user level
  Details Table - Dive deep down on transactions
  Report Runner - Never miss your traditional and custom reports  

Inbox ~ Personal secretary for everyone in the office
Right from the start, we wanted to make an ERP that works for you instead of you working for it. We have understood that at work, we need alerts before something goes out of control, we need to know actions we have to take either approval or task, and Information we should know. So, We have consolidated all these in one place with just a tap on your inbox

Accessibility ~ Put your office into your pocket
Over the time, we have learnt that ability of users to access their work, reports, files whenever,wherever they want will increase productivity apart from the way it kills the time delays in getting work done. Many attempted this with mobile apps but ended up not giving users the complete freedom and accessibility having limitation of mobile apps in restricted access, platform dependency and cost that is involved in developing it So we went little further in bringing offices into pocket. We have made HAL ERP to work in any browsers without a need to develop an apps for each OS. Right from start, we made sure our designs passes the test of whatever works in computer screen should work in mobile screen as well

We believe Software should bend for Business and not that Business should bend for Software

We have realised that we are no more repairing cars when it is at halt rather we have to fix when it is running. Our approach is Rapid deployment. Designing everything on HAL’s framework was a breakthrough indeed. With the capabilities of HAL’s framework, we were able to design an application in less than two weeks than what we could have achieved with traditional way in 3 months


Streamline and Enforce your Business systems and methods

Ease of Decision making

Pull out the data realtime and take quick decisions


Let your office share common systems so that everyone, everything is up-to-date irrespective of who works on it


Take your business wherever you go. Enjoy the power of Cloud

Operational Efficiency

Marry human intelligence with Computing to achieve accelerated performance

Paper Free Office

Save Trees. Save Space. Save Time by having all your transactions and documents on the ERP

Our Differentiators

Think Simple

We believe humans cannot work with something that is complex. So we see ways to make things simpler but powerful at the sametime

Solutions Company

We understand one product will not fit all organizations so we develop solutions or offer services based on each Organization’s requirements and pain points.


Our engagement model is developed keeping Customer in mind, which means "Solution" at "Product" price or Services at highly competitive price

Quality Conscious

We are obsessed with Quality so we deliver best of solutions and services


We understand how much support Business needs from its partners so we stand to deliver a professional support

Continuous Improvement

We never get satisfied with what we have achieved. We keep learning and improving our services to our customers which helps us to bag number of satisfied customers

About Us

"Hal is a niche technology company providing enterprise solutions through its Proprietary Cloud based ERP, Hal ERP and IT services that would help its customers to accomplish their Business & Strategic objectives"


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