Our Story

It all started in 2014 with 'Simplification' at our core. Our founders were working in industries and were looking for a solution that catered to the various needs of the business. But the existing solutions were forcing the business into the existing software processes and modules rather than helping them cater to their own specific business needs.

Ideally, we wanted to create a solution that adapted to the unique needs of the business rather than adapting business needs to that of the design of existing softwares.

And that's how HAL was born as "Solution-As-A-Service".


2014 : The inception of the idea.


2016 : The product was converted into a unique framework that could help businesses with tailor-made solution at scale.


2017 : The core team expanded and like-minded people joined to built a grander company. The team boomed! It coincided with the launch of VAT regulation in the Gulf region. We launched a brand new product for SMEs and democratised the solution.


2019 : Expanded to multiple other industries and to enterprise level clients.


2021 : Creating a better ROI-driven ERP business solution.


2023 : The year of AI - HALA was launched and heralding a new era with conversational AI.

Great Minds Make A Great Team

Umar (CEO)
Umar Shariff

Chief Executive Officer

"ERPs should be formless and natural to interact with! Sole motto that paves the way for the Future!”

Mohamed Azher
Mohamed Azher

Chief Technology Officer

"Technology motivates me, drives me and inspires me to simplify…. every single day!”

Issam (CSO)
Issam Siddique

Chief Strategy Officer

“Future of enterprise operations: AI-driven, one data point, one access control. #KeepITsimple”

Mohamed Ali Khan

EBU, Director

“Pioneering the AI-ERP convergence, shaping a future where decisions are powered by data & AI foresight.”

Abdelrahman Debiki

Sales Director

“AI-powered ERP is more than a product—it's the heartbeat of business evolution. #LetsTalkSales”

Ateeq Ahmed

Lead - DevOps & Infra

"Transforming how clients build, deploy, and scale, crafting solutions to bridge operations gap."

Mauroof Aquib Bandagi

Lead - Product Development

“ I turn complexity into clarity, making technology an intuitive ally for our clients.”

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Ready to Unleash Seamless Business Control with HAL?


Tailored Business Sync : HAL ERP is uniquely designed to align with your business operations, providing a seamless and intuitive experience.


Stress-Free Control : Experience effortless control, allowing you to navigate business complexities with ease and simplicity.


Smart Automation and Accuracy : HAL ERP automates tasks, offering quick access to essential reports, simplifying your business management. Request a demo to witness the transformative power of HAL ERP.