An ERP Software in Saudi Tailored for Modern Startups

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HAL ERP offers an easy-to-use, scalable solution built for problems faced by startups like creating instant quotations, tracking money, making on-time payments, etc. on a single dashboard. Focus on what matters - growing your business - and leave the paperwork to us.

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A Holistic ERP Made for Modern Startups

We get it. Running a startup is a rollercoaster. HAL ERP is here to be your secret weapon. Think of it as your personal invoice genie  -  wish for a professional invoice, and poof it appears in seconds. Need ZATCA approved service provider with local support and assistance? We got you covered. Wait, there's more. Keep reading.

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Streamlined Operations

Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets and time-consuming formatting. Our intuitive system walks you through the process step-by-step, so you can generate detailed invoices in a flash and focus better on improving customer service.

Futuristic Scalability

HAL ERP is multi-faceted when it comes to scalability. Whether you have a small team that is growing large, or you have growing workload management and payroll, leave all your worries to us. HAL will scale as you scale.

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Back-office Ease

Accounting, Finance, HRMS and more. All under a single dashboard. And what's more? The simplest E-invoicing in Saudi Arabia is here. Explore HAL VAT CARE Today. Ready for a demo?

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Our startup went from siloed spreadsheets to a unified system with our modern ERP. We can track inventory, manage orders, and collaborate across departments in real-time.  Huge win for efficiency!



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Data-driven decisions are key for startups. Our cloud-based ERP gives us real-time insights to optimize stock, sales, and resource allocation. We're growing fast, and our ERP scales with us!



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