End-to-end Quality Management At Your Fingertips

Effectively identify and address the fundamental reasons behind expensive defects in products at all stages of the quality lifecycle to avoid additional costs


Control Key QC Points

Optimizing Quality Assurance with HAL Suite:
Tailored Control Plans, Precision Inspections, and Seamless End-to-end Management

Developing Quality Control Plans

Craft detailed quality control plans specifying inspection points for inventory operations (receiving and final inspection) and manufacturing operations (in-process inspection).

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Aligning Inspection Processes

Implement in-process, final, and receiving inspections according to the crafted quality control plans. Clearly define these plans to trigger inspections at different stages of production.

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Streamlining Submissions

Effortlessly manage Production Part Approval Process submissions. Ensure a smooth and organized workflow for submitting and reviewing PPAP documentation.

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Configuring Process Control

Set up various process configurations to monitor and control the manufacturing processes. Utilize statistical methods to ensure consistent quality throughout production.

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Enhancing Process Efficiency

Attach Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis documents to routings. Enhance process efficiency by proactively identifying potential failure modes and their effects, allowing for preemptive corrective actions.

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Ensuring Compliance and Continual Improvement

Establish a systematic approach to quality management by integrating control plans, inspections, submissions, etc. Continually monitor and refine these processes to ensure ongoing compliance and improvement in product quality.


Efficient Quality Alert Oversight

Discover the seamless management of your quality alerts through
HAL Suite's user-friendly interface.

Streamline alert organization effortlessly, update progress through intuitive drag-and-drop functionalities, and prioritize vital alerts using clear visual cues. Leverage tag functionalities for categorizing quality alerts and set up automated alerts or actions based on customizable rules. Categories may include recipients (design, supplier, process), originator (customer, main line, sub line), and other relevant parameters.

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Engaging Group Discussion

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Time management System

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Complete Integration with Inventory & Manufacturing Operations

Seamless Fusion of Quality Checks
Achieve a harmonious integration of quality checks and alerts with your manufacturing and inventory operations. Experience a cohesive system that ensures quality at every stage.
Effortless Alert Initiation
Empower your employees to initiate quality alerts directly from the work center control panel or during inventory operations. Streamline the alert process for swift and proactive quality management.
Dedicated Quality Zones for Thorough Inspections
Direct products to designated quality zones for comprehensive inspections. Ensure that each product undergoes meticulous scrutiny in specialized areas, enhancing the overall quality control process.
Real-time Visibility and Analytics
Access real-time insights into your operations with HAL Suite. Utilize advanced analytics tools to track and analyze manufacturing and inventory data, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Optimal Productivity Maintenance

HAL Suite empowers your manufacturing team to initiate quality alerts seamlessly from their work center control panel. Stay informed in real-time, ensuring pertinent information reaches the right personnel. Improved communication minimizes manufacturing downtimes and elevates team efficiency.