Effortless Business Scheduling with HAL Calendar

HAL Calendar is your ideal online business calendar, simplifying the task of scheduling for you. It not only helps you manage your own schedule but also enables seamless calendar sharing with your team, ensuring everyone stays synchronized.

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Streamlined Team Event Management

Facilitate efficient event management by creating, inviting users, handling group calendars, and coordinating your team events using our collaborative calendars, and more.

Efficient Event Handling
Enhance your event management by categorizing them into various calendars—personal or work-related. Our Smart Add feature lets you create events with simple phrases. You can utilize the free/busy schedule to determine the availability of all your attendees and send them reminders through HAL Calendar.
Share Calendars with Your Team
Keep your team updated by sharing calendars. You can create public or group calendars to collaborate with your team on work-related events. Embed your calendar online for public access or share the private calendar URL for limited visibility.
Enhanced Collaboration with Resource Booking
Finding a meeting room should be quicker than the meeting itself. With Resource Booking, you can list all the conference rooms in your organization. Your teams can then reserve the room of their choice for a specific duration, create an associated event, and send out invitations—all within HAL Calendar.
Streamlined Appointment Scheduling
Simplify appointment scheduling without the hassle of back-and-forth communication. By embedding your calendar on your website, anyone wishing to meet with you can request an appointment with a single click. You can approve or decline these requests and customize the appointment form to match your preferences in terms of color and language.
Centralize All Calendars
No need to worry about missing events from various online calendars. You can import events from other calendars using an ICS file or a calendar URL. Additionally, you can subscribe to your colleagues' calendars, holiday calendars, or any public calendar to stay updated.
Sync Events Across Devices
Effortlessly synchronize all events and calendar data from HAL Calendar to the native calendars on your desktop and mobile devices using the "Sync Calendar Data" feature.

Master Your Schedule with HAL Calendar

Live Hassle-free . Stay in Sync . Know Your Priorities On-the-go

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Effortless scheduling for streamlined time management.

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Seamless team coordination with shared, synchronized calendars.

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Master your day with HAL Calendar's intuitive scheduling features.

Frequently Asked Questions about HAL Calendar

What does a business calendar do?
A business calendar, such as HAL Calendar, is an online tool that allows you to manage both personal and professional events and schedules. You can share calendars, create group calendars with your team for collaborative work, and efficiently organize your schedule alongside your teammates. HAL Calendar offers powerful scheduling features to help you stay organized in both your personal and professional life.
Can a calendar be shared for free?
Yes, HAL Calendar is available for free to all users. You can use HAL Calendar to create group calendars that can be accessed by your colleagues. Additionally, you can share existing calendars with specific users of your choice. All these features are accessible for free within HAL Calendar.
Can different time zones be managed with HAL Calendar?
Absolutely, the new HAL Calendar interface offers multiple options for managing different time zones. You can set a secondary time zone for your calendar and create events in any time zone based on the location of your attendees. This flexibility ensures that you can effectively manage events across various time zones.
Can I set event reminders on my HAL Calendar?
Yes, HAL Calendar provides the option to set event reminders for any of your calendars or specific events. You can customize when and how you receive event reminders, ensuring you stay informed about your scheduled events.