Transform Your Workforce with Strategic Recruitment Solutions

Elevate Your Hiring Process for Optimal Talent Acquisition Success with the best recruitment software in Saudi Arabia - HAL ERP. Effortlessly manage your recruitment journey from sourcing to contracts.


Reduction In Time-to-fill Positions


Decrease in Employee Attrition


Efficiently Organize Job Positions and Applicant Profiles

Centralised Job Board

Establish a centralised job board to showcase and advertise your job listings seamlessly, ensuring a dynamic and easily accessible platform for potential candidates.

Effortless Application Monitoring

Simplify the application process by monitoring incoming applications. Track each applicant's status & progress during recruitment for better decision-making.

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Comprehensive Applicant Records

Maintain detailed and comprehensive records of every applicant, including indexed documents, skills, and profiles. Ensure a holistic view of each candidate, facilitating informed and strategic hiring decisions.

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In-House Recruitment Management

Take control of your recruitment process internally, eliminating the need to outsource. Manage the entire process with simplicity and professionalism, aligning recruitment strategies with your organizational goals.

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Professionalism in Talent Acquisition

Elevate your talent acquisition efforts by presenting a professional image to both candidates and internal stakeholders. Efficiently organize job positions and applicant profiles, showcasing your commitment to a well-managed and strategic recruitment approach.

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Monitor Job Offer Performance with HAL Recruitment

Whether candidates reach out through email or online forms, their information is effortlessly managed and processed, allowing for efficient communication and engagement.


Automated Email Assignment: Each job offer receives a unique email address, simplifying the application routing process and ensuring seamless communication with applicants.


Effortless Application Handling: Whether applicants reach out via email or online forms, their data, including resumes and cover letters, is automatically indexed. Handle applications with just a click using customizable templates or personalized emails.


Streamlined Data Management: Ensure efficient data management by automatically handling applicant information, allowing for easy access, organization, and processing of resumes and cover letters associated with each job offer.

Tailor Your Recruitment Workflow

Shape your hiring process by defining specific stages and assigning designated evaluators, creating a seamless and structured approach tailored to your organisation's unique workflow.

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Customised Workflow Stages

Tailor your recruitment process by defining specific stages that align with your organisation's unique hiring workflow, ensuring a seamless and structured approach.

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Designated Interviewers

Assign specific interviewers to each stage, streamlining the process and ensuring clarity on who is responsible for evaluating candidates at different phases of the recruitment journey.

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Personalized Recruitment Approach

Enhance your recruitment workflow by personalising each stage, allowing for flexibility and adaptability to the specific needs and preferences of your organisation's hiring strategy.

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Explore Tailored Solutions for Seamless Hiring Processes

Elevate your recruitment strategy with our comprehensive and customisable solutions. From tailored workflow stages to automated application handling, our platform empowers you to attract and evaluate top talent seamlessly. Ready to transform your hiring process?

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