Put control at the heart of expense management

Effortlessly manage receipts by attaching them to expense records, whether through Whatsapp or Web App. Enhance efficiency and eliminate lost receipts

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Link receipts to expense records via mobile snapshots or email submissions.

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Streamline processes for a smooth  and organized expense approval.

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Make your expense claims from your own device through the comfort of Whatsapp

Efficiently Distribute Workload

Optimize time management by involving multiple departments in the expense management process:


can quickly submit project expenses, track claims easily, and make travel reimbursements a breeze

Administrative Assistant

can utilize a platform for simplified receipt tracking, easy communication, and coordination

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can oversee budgets, ensure financial compliance with seamless approvals.

IT Administrator

can ensure security, functionality; troubleshoot issues through a user-friendly expense management interface.


HAL brings coherence to expense management

Keeps expense flows on track

Streamlined Expense Requests

Easily initiate expense requests through multiple channels: desktop version, mobile app or from the comfort of WhatsApp

Transparent Communication

Enable employees to document their professional expenses with a comprehensive overview of spending for specified periods, including events, travel, and more.

Seamless Attachment Inclusion

Effortlessly attach supporting documents, such as tickets and bills, to expense records, providing reviewers with clear evidence of expenditures.

Make expense management a breeze.

View, review, compare, control

Efficient Expense Record Review
Thoroughly assess employee expense records, utilizing their notes to complete, validate, or decline submissions. When declining, provide employees with explanatory comments for clarity.
Simplified Expense Comparison
HAL ERP simplifies the approval process by displaying a receipt preview alongside the expense request, making it easier to compare expenses and supporting documentation.
Seamless Accounting Integration
Once expenses receive approval, HAL seamlessly generates and posts journal entries, ensuring that expenses are accurately integrated into your accounting system and reconciled.
Team-Centric Expense Management
Monitor expenses for entire teams with ease, gaining insights into group spending patterns and budget adherence.
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