HAL Contracting: Manage Material, Manpower & Money With Ease

Empower your company's site work with HAL's cutting-edge solution tailor made for the contracting Industry. Enable your team to effortlessly execute every customer project work - be it interior contracting work or exterior site work - enhance overall project efficiency and stand out with your work efficiency.


Designed for Contracting Experts

Designed specifically for the contracting sector, HAL Contracting is crafted to meet the unique needs of contracting companies. It addresses the inherent challenges like getting your billing right, tracking your manpower movements and costing and helping you understand your specific job or project profitability.

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Milestone-based Invoicing

Efficiently manage your billing with HAL's milestone-based invoicing feature. Bill clients at project milestones, break down Invoices to multiple stages and even have the flexibility to track retainers. Ensuring complete financial alignment with project progress.

Detailed Time Management

Gain precision in project timelines with HAL's detailed time management tools. Track and optimize workforce productivity with timely tracking of manpower movements across projects or sites.

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Efficient Consumable Management

Track consumables easily with HAL contracting module, ensuring optimal resource utilization. From procurement of materials to tracking project consumption, maintain control over project item costs for more profitable customer project management and better profitability analysis.

Unlocking Contracting Success with HAL

More Reasons to Choose Excellence

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Enhanced Financial Control : Use project specific costing sheet to handle employee requests for material or services to keep project cost within control.

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Guarantee Project profitability : Track profitability through multiple dimensions - at customer level as well as specific project level. Never be blinded your ultimate goal.

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Real-time Manpower Monitoring : Be on top of your manpower movements. Allocate employees to projects for specific durations and make payments based on project contracts.

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Simplified Material management: Be on top of your material request and gain 360 degree view and project specific procurement and receiving materials against Project tagged POs.

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Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics : Harness the power of data with HAL's comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, enabling informed strategic decisions and performance optimization.

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Complete Project Visibility : Always understand project progress and easily track all documents linked to projects in one place.

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Continuous Innovation and Updates : Benefit from HAL's commitment to continuous innovation and updates, ensuring your contracting business stays ahead in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

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We’ve been using HAL ERP since 2020 and we are extremely happy with their services. The system serves all our business needs and decreased a lot of man-hours in various areas.Major pain areas that they helped us resolved were Simplifying Payroll of 3000+ employees, Managing More than 12000 asset items and they majorly helped us improve our inventory handling and management. We are now able to find all invoices and bills on a single dashboard for accurate project costing. Moreover, HAL support is available in Arabic as well as English, throughout business days.

George Mathew

Chief Financial Officer

Jash Holding Company


HAL ERP has been helping us manage various ERP hassles since 2020. The team has been super useful and helpful for us in terms of managing financial accounts and HRMS which help us keep daily functioning smooth. I liked how easy-to-use and user-friendly the platform truly is. The features I used on behalf of my company, helped me resolve most issues that existed with our older ERP. I would recommend HAL to anyone who is looking for a quick and easy way to track their business processes smoothly.

Fawzia Najjar

Financial Accountant

Abrar Communciations Co.