Project Management Made Simple, Beautiful and Agile

HAL Project Management - Effortlessly navigate projects with our streamlined approach, combining simplicity and elegance for agile project management that's both intuitive and powerful.

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20% More Streamlined, Intuitive System for Project Efficiency.

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Agile Excellence: Graceful Adaptation, Simplicity Empowered.

Contemporary User Interface, Tailored to Your Preferences

Redefining the way you navigate and conquer projects. Our innovative approach combines simplicity, efficiency, and agile principles, empowering you to achieve unparalleled success.


Efficiently manage and overview your projects.

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Keep deadlines in check with a clear calendar view.

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Allocate precise timeframes to specific tasks within a planned shift.

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Anticipate Resource Requirements

Elevate project efficiency with HAL seamlessly aligning workforce availability and project demands. Anticipate needs, make informed decisions, and enhance collaboration for a new standard of success.

Seamless Team Scheduling

Effortlessly coordinate your teams across projects while considering individual holiday schedules, ensuring optimal resource utilisation and project continuity.

Proactive Planning and Profitability

Use HAL's forecasting to proactively plan upcoming projects, leveraging insights from past endeavors. Improve deadline accuracy and maximize project profitability by comparing forecasts with real-time data from actual timesheets.

Get actionable insights from Visual Information

Streamline your processes and foster collaboration among your team members. Break down projects into manageable tasks and assign them efficiently. Create customized stages for each project, simplifying workflow oversight and ultimately boosting project efficiency.

Visual Actionability

Gain actionable insights through visual information, empowering informed decision-making and strategic

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Process Streamlining

Streamline your workflows for enhanced efficiency, breaking down projects into manageable tasks that align seamlessly with your team's capabilities.

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Efficient Task Assignment

Assign tasks with precision, ensuring each team member contributes effectively
to project milestones and overall

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Customised Project Stages

Tailor project stages to your
unique needs, creating a customised workflow that simplifies oversight
and accelerates project

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Workflow Simplification

Simplify project management by creating clear, customised stages, fostering collaboration, and ensuring that every task contributes to overall project efficiency.

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Collaboration Boost

Foster collaboration among team members by breaking down projects, assigning tasks efficiently, and creating a transparent workflow that leads to increased project efficiency.

Visualize the Project Scope with Intuitive Graphs

Create dynamic graph views to analyze your data efficiently. Leverage powerful search tools, filtering and grouping options, and a range of unique visual interfaces to monitor and manage your projects effectively from any perspective.


Dynamic Graph Views: Visualise project scope effortlessly by creating dynamic graph views, offering an intuitive way to analyse data and gain comprehensive insights into project dynamics.


Powerful Search and Filtering: Harness the strength of robust search tools, filtering, and grouping options to efficiently manage and monitor projects with HAL ERP. Navigate data seamlessly through unique visual interfaces tailored for diverse perspectives.


Effective Project Oversight: Enhance project management with a suite of visual tools that go beyond graphs. Leverage dynamic views, search functionalities, and filtering options to oversee projects effectively from various angles, ensuring comprehensive control and strategic decision-making.


HAL Project Management

Easily add quick notes or attach files to any task, keeping your team connected and informed. Bid farewell to endless follow-up meetings to track project progress. Engage in real-time discussions through the built-in chatter, collaborate on a shared pad, or use live chat—all within a unified interface!