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CAGR propels HR tech market to $39.90B by 2029.


foresee AI driving widespread industry innovation starting 2024.


Transform HR Operations with Comprehensive Core Features.

Empower Your Organisation by Streamlining Processes and Enhancing Workforce Management Efficiency for a Future-Ready Workplace.

Unified Employee Information Hub

Our core HR system simplifies data access with a user-friendly 1-click stop. This centralised repository ensures swift access to vital details, enhancing HR efficiency for informed decision-making and prompt response to employee needs.

Streamlined Payroll Processing

Simplify payroll with our streamlined 1-click provision, minimizing complexity and reducing time. From calculations to tax deductions, ensure accurate, compliant processing for enhanced financial efficiency.

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Enhanced Performance Management

Elevate performance practices seamlessly. Track and evaluate employee performance, set goals, and conduct reviews effortlessly, fostering continuous improvement aligned with company objectives.

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Efficient Job Tracking for Project Costing

Tailored for internal costing, efficiently track resource allocation, project timelines, and costs. Enhance visibility and financial control for successful project outcomes.

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Seamless Settlements & Vacation Management

Streamline HR processes with comprehensive settlement tracking and simplified vacation management. Ensure smooth employee exits and efficient leave monitoring for effective workforce planning.

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Streamlined leave management

Effortlessly track employee vacations and sick days through our easy-to-use system, offering convenient leave request submissions, including paid time off and sick leave, directly through Whatsapp.


Easy Submission: Employees can conveniently submit their leave requests, including paid time off and sick leave.


Flexible Decisions: Managers have the flexibility to approve or decline these requests as and when they want.


On-the-go Notification: Once a decision is made, an automatic notification is sent to the employee, and their calendar is promptly updated.

Simplify employee expense management with a streamlined process

Ensure a seamless process with quick updates and approvals, fostering an environment of responsiveness and ease in managing expenses.

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User-Friendly Platform

Intuitive design for seamless navigation.

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Real-Time Expense Updates

Instant synchronisation for timely decision-making.

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Swift Approval Workflow

Streamlined process for efficient authorisations.


Simplify employee evaluations with ease. Conduct thorough assessments effortlessly.

Effortlessly configure your evaluation process and schedule. Develop questionnaires for feedback collection, involving everyone in the company, from employees to managers, including self-evaluations. Automate the entire process to free up time for people, not administrative tasks.

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