Discover a new way of Accounting.
Efficient, simple and Faster!!

Experience the new way of automating your accounting entries. Get work done faster with an excel-like experience.

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Automated Journal entries with complete control over Ledgers.

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Easily reconcile your bank records.

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Access your reports wherever you are.

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Complete user access control and secure data.

Make your accounting faster! Manage your money smarter!

Bulk Actions processing

Get more done in less time - expenses, journals or transfers - get it all done quicker and faster

No more worries of Compliance

Fully Integrated with ZATCA eInvoicing regulations; with ready to file VAT reports.

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Effortless reconciliation

Upload excel entries and let the Hala Ai work its magic to tally your bank records and make accurate postings!

360o transaction analytics

Analyse and assess your records from every angle. Ask questions and get your answers - as simple as that.


Discover why accountants love using HAL Accounting

Time-saving tools to make your life easier

End-to-end accounting

Use HAL Accounting to manage your complete business cycle. Have a firm grip on your receivables and ageing. Never miss a supplier payments and be firmly in control. Never worry about AR / AP any more. Our agent Hala AI will do that on your behalf

Simplified Quote - Cash cycle

Turn your quotations to Invoices with a simple click of a button. Track your invoices smartly with automated reminders until you realize it in your bank. Manage multiple banks and effortlessly reconcile the bank records.

Take control of your PO

Get visibility into your order lifecycle. Right from issuing the PO to your supplier to receiving them in your store. Get accurate reports and never delay your supplier payments. Get more discounts with demonstrated payment records.

Get reports where you are

Schedule all your important reports to reach you on whatsapp. Customize your reports to suit your needs and take the right business decisions at the right time.

Many questions, one answer!

Your first step to a simple yet powerful accounting system begins here. Learn from our users.

How much time does Hal Finance users save?
On an average our users save a minimum of 2.5 to 3 hours per day, which amounts to 35% of their work time every month.
What makes HAL Accounting and Finance Software rank amongst the most popular with businesses in Saudi Arabia?
Using HAL Accounting and Finance Software in Saudi Arabia offers several benefits, including addressing all the financial needs and requirements of a business, providing a user-friendly and customizable platform, and enabling smooth processing and working with multiple departments.
What makes HAL Accounting and Finance Software different from other providers in Saudi Arabia?
HAL Accounting and Finance software is specifically designed to help users get work done faster. This is the biggest differentiator. Apart from that, HAL accounting software caters to the specific needs of businesses. You can customize the system based on your needs. The powerful framework of HAL focuses on user experience and simplifies financial processing by skilfully automating most of the task.
Can HAL Accounting be connected to other systems or solutions?
HAL Accounting is a cloud based solution which is fully compliant with any kind of API connections. Our solution can be connected to multiple system like e-commerce solutions like shopify, Salla or to POS system like Foodics, Micros or to payment gateways like Hyper Pay, Total Pay etc.
Is it safe to use cloud systems?
In today’s age and time, it is highly recommended to use cloud systems for its advanced safety and security needs. Cloud service offers benefits such as secure data storage, easy sharing with the correct stakeholders, quick data changes and additions, and protection against data loss. In the context of business data, it is very crucial to have your data protected and also to have seamless backups.
What are the specific advantages of using HAL Finance and Accounting Software for Small Businesses in Saudi Arabia?
HAL Accounting Software for Small Business in Saudi Arabia is designed to be a connected system that meets future objectives and goals. It offers a broad scope to accommodate changes over time and provides a platform specific to businesses, meeting ongoing functionalities. The biggest advantage is the local ecosystem connectivity which enables businesses to seamlessly access their data across multiple systems - be it government portals or other allied systems that they are using.