Seamless Project Material Management

Streamline your project material requirements planning with HAL Suite - Project Stocks, a powerful solution designed to elevate your project management capabilities.

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Benefits of A Project Stocks Solution

Project Stocks provides a comprehensive solution, allowing you to manage materials specific to each project. With individual stock segments permanently assigned to different projects, you gain unparalleled control and visibility over your project materials.

Tailored Project Stock Management

Allocate project-specific stock to each project, ensuring precise control over materials. This is crucial for projects with diverse material requirements, allowing you to manage costs effectively.

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Strategic Goods Movement

Enter the relevant project, plant, and storage location
during goods movement. This level of detail ensures
accurate tracking and seamless integration with your project's logistics.

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Optimize Your Site Inventory

It is the ideal solution for businesses engaged in complex make-to-order production. Monitor the costs of in-house manufactured goods as they progress through production stages, providing you with invaluable insights for strategic decision-making.

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Efficient Project Cost Monitoring

With the ability to group stock segments for a project, the project stock module facilitates individual project planning, allowing you to monitor costs with precision. This feature is indispensable for projects where distinct cost tracking is essential.

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Early Material Planning

Plan ahead by ordering materials with extended delivery times at the early stages of your project. Get proactive material management, ensuring that you have the resources you need when you need them.

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Configurable Material Planning

Supports the planning of configurable materials, offering MRP capabilities in individual stock. This ensures that your project planning remains flexible and adaptable to your unique requirements.


Seamless Integration, Comprehensive Impact

Project Stocks influences various facets of your company's operations, collaboration with inventory management, controlling, and purchasing teams is key. This ensures that the chosen scenarios and settings align with your organizational goals.

Elevate your project management experience with HAL Suite - Project Stocks. Experience efficiency, precision, and control like never before.

Get started today for a smarter approach to project material management.

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Project Stock FAQs

What is project stock management?
Project stock management involves handling materials specifically allocated to a project, ensuring efficient resource utilization.
How does project stock differ from general stock?
Project stock is tied to a specific project, allowing precise cost tracking, unlike general stock used for broader purposes.
When is project stock used in production?
Project stock is essential in complex make-to-order production, especially when monitoring in-house manufacturing costs and separating materials for distinct projects.
Why is it necessary to enter WBS elements during goods movement for project stock?
Entering WBS elements ensures accurate tracking and distinguishes materials for specific projects, maintaining precision in inventory management.

Introducing HAL Suite - Project Stocks

Your Key to Precision Project Management