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Explore Partnerships with HAL

Grow together with us, extending your offerings to diverse markets and achieving a remarkable ROI of around 60%.

Be A Lead/Affiliate/Referral Partner:

Effortless Earnings: Leverage your network for a 35% share on Total Contract Value (TCV).
Side Hustle Success: Cover a person's salary or fund a holiday ticket effortlessly.

Be An Implementation Partner:

Beyond Sales Expertise: Elevate your company as a Gold or Diamond Channel Partner.
Grow Together: Extend offerings, reach diverse markets, and achieve your ROI goals Sooner than later.

Wait there are more ways to be a Partner

Be a Reseller, Platform Partner, Integration Partner or more!


Reseller/VAR/Sales Partner: Grow your business by 50% ROI by promoting Hal's products in your region.


Platform Partner: Build your unique product on Hal's Framework to accelerate your go-to-market.


Technology/Integration Partner: Explore mutual benefits by integrating your product seamlessly with Hal's services.

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Our Partners

Jankaro Solution

Leading System Integrators

Pos Bytz

Leading Restaurant & Retail POS Solution

Miza Solutions

Partner For All Software Solutions

Total Pay

All-purpose Payment Gateway Providers


For all Book keeping & Auditing needs

Mint Solutions

For All Digital Solution Needs

Shape Tomorrow Together

Whether you're a sales expert, an innovative platform creator, or a tech trailblazer, our ecosystem is tailored for mutual success. Together, let's shape the future, drive growth, and create a legacy of innovation.

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