HAL VAT CARE - ZATCA Phase II Compliant E-invoicing Software

Simplify compliance with our Integration-Ready E-Invoicing solution for your tax account. Go Live in Just a Fortnight Using API or Excel/CSV Upload.

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Effortlessly connect with our integration-ready, E-Invoicing solution.

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Go live within two weeks, ensuring swift implementation of Zatca Phase 2.

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Utilise our API or simplify with Excel/CSV upload options.

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Solutions for offline & online sync for hassle free compliance and tax calculation.

Achieve ZATCA-compliance
without changing your ERP.

HAL VATCare seamlessly integrates with your current ERP, ensuring a smooth transition into ZATCA-compliance without disrupting your established workflows. Our solution simplifies the entire process, from generating e-Invoices to real-time tax validation and submission.

How do I comply
with e-invoicing regulations?

HAL’s eBook is a thoughtfully compiled knowledgebase of important information that will help you navigate ZATCA regulations with confidence and on time.

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Curated information about tax calculation, in simple words
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Comprehensive coverage of regulations
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Compiled by HAL in-house experts

Saudi Arabia's Premier Full-Cycle Solution for E-Invoicing Phase I & II

Trusted by SMEs, Favored by Tax Experts for easy tax calculations, HAL VAT-CARE Elevates Your Journey from Day One!

Works with any ERP or Accounting system

Seamless integration without operational interruptions.

Rapidly scalable with clean reporting

Offline POS support for smarter integration and Phase II QR code generation

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Enables e-Invoicing Compliance for all businesses

Tailored solutions for diverse business needs.

Connected to all top Tier ERP systems and custom ERP

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What makes HAL VATCare the preferred choice

HAL VATCare is created for businesses looking for a dependable solution to manage their e-Invoicing, tax and ZATCA compliance.

Minimal System Impact

Experience minimal disruptions with our non-disruptive integration

Swift Implementation in Under 2 Weeks

Quick and guided setup ensures operational efficiency

Total ZATCA Compliance for Phase I & Phase II

Fully align with ZATCA regulations for worry-free operations

Power your POS System with compliant QR code

Smart QR code generation and end of day data upload to Fatoora portal .

Several Questions. One Answer!

Here are answers to the most common questions our customers asked. If your question is not listed below, reach out to us at and our experts will be happy to help.

What is E-Invoicing?
An eInvoice is a tax invoice issued in electronic form. Scanned or photocopied invoices are not e-Invoices. Manual invoices are not permitted anymore.
For whom is eInvoicing applicable?
All registered businesses in Saudi Arabia are required to issue electronic invoices or eInvoices.
What are e-invoicing enforcement dates?
​E-invoicing will be implemented in two phases:

Phase One, known as the Generation phase and enforceable as of December 4, 2021.

Phase Two, known as the Integration phase and enforceable starting from January 1, 2023 and implemented in waves by targeted taxpayer groups. Taxpayers will be notified by ZATCA on the date of their integration at least 6 months in advance.
What is the difference between Phase I & Phase II?
There are big differences between Phase I & Phase II. Please check out our free e-book here to know more.
Do I have to necessarily change my system?
Absolutely not. You can retain your existing system and still be compliant. Please check out our innovative solution – where we connect your system to our bridge system to help you be ZATCA compliant.
Some requirements are technical, how can I prepare for e-invoicing?
The technical requirements are typically implemented by solution providers (e.g. cash register vendors, software vendors) or the internal technical teams for in-house built solutions. Taxpayers may approach a solution provider or their internal technical teams to acquire or upgrade to a compliant electronic system; and make sure they are generating compliant invoices starting from December 4th, 2021.​
Can everyone access sandbox and FATOORA portal?
No, Sandbox can be accessed by anyone, but FATOORA production system can be accessed only by taxpayers using Taxpayer portal credentials (ERAD credentials).​
Can FATOORA portal and Sandbox be accessed from anywhere or only from KSA?
Yes, both FATOORA and Sandbox can be accessed from anywhere globally, not only from KSA​​
Should invoice be in English or Arabic?
All the data fields that are visible on human readable form of the invoice must be in Arabic. VAT Regulations require the Tax Invoices and Simplified Tax Invoices (along with corresponding credit notes or debit notes) to be in Arabic mandatorily.  Invoice can be bilingual and include English as well. ​​
Is e-invoicing mandatory?
​E-invoicing applies to all persons subject to VAT and any other parties issuing tax invoices on behalf of suppliers subject to VAT. Non-resident taxable persons for VAT purposes are excluded.​​