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HAL ERP is an integrated enterprise resource planning system that boasts a proven track record of local expertise in ERP implementation. Automate repetitive tasks and access comprehensive reports on a single platform with ease. This powerful solution streamlines your operations, leveraging local know-how to ensure a seamless integration tailored to your unique business needs. Embrace efficiency, productivity, and peace of mind with HAL ERP – the key to unlocking the future of streamlined operations.


HAL ERP - Designed for you. Operates your way.

You have a vision for how your business should operate, and HAL ERP makes that a reality. This unique software is designed to seamlessly sync with your business's workflows, giving you complete control without the stress or strain. With HAL ERP, you're in the driver's seat, shaping operations to align with your goals and processes. Say goodbye to rigid systems that force you to adapt; HAL ERP adapts to you, empowering you to run your business your way – effortlessly and efficiently.

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Navigate business complexity, with ease and simplicity.

Business operations can be unpredictable and complex, but HAL ERP streamlines critical needs with ease and simplicity. This powerful solution keeps you in control around the clock, seamlessly integrating with your processes. Maintain a firm grasp on operations, make informed decisions, and drive your business forward efficiently with HAL ERP as your reliable partner.

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The less you do, the more you get done with the best ERP in Saudi Arabia

For growing businesses, smart work is the new definition of hard work. Integrating HAL ERP is the smartest move, bringing ease to managing your business operations with transparency and accuracy. This powerful solution streamlines processes, providing a clear overview and ensuring precise execution, allowing you to work smarter, not harder.

Trusted by 200+ Companies

The easiest way to adapt to change, is to architect it.

Staying competitive and cohesive is the key to success. HAL ERP is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to sail over these challenging times, while future-proofing your business.

HAL ERP is Swift!

With Excel-like user interfaces, navigating through the screens is a breeze regardless of which App the user is on. Whether you logged in to post business transactions, or wanted to generate a custom report, whatever, HAL ERP responds swiftly.

HAL ERP is Responsive!

Welcome aboard Middle East's first conversational ERP that leverages the best of AI, understands user intent, works seamlessly and gets your job done with the minimal effort. Our Apps are industry agnostic, customizable and built with you in mind!

HAL ERP is adaptive!

Staying competitive and cohesive is the key to success. HAL ERP is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to sail over challenging times, while future-proofing your business.
Be it integrating with third-party applications, or working in tandem with legacy systems, our apps get the job done!


When time is money, a business software that saves you both.

HAL's AI-powered Apps are designed to empower businesses across key functions. From Accounting & Finance to Sales, HR & Payroll, Procurement & Manufacturing, and Smart Supply, these apps put control firmly in your hands.

With HAL, businesses can streamline their operations, automate complex tasks, and gain valuable insights in real-time. HAL's app suite is where innovation meets reliability, to drive sustained success.

Some solutions drive you around the bend. Ours bends the way your business drives.

HAL encompasses a versatile array of SaaS offerings that cater to the diverse needs of businesses across industries.

Solutions that let you ride the business wind in the direction it’s going.

HAL ERP HUB is a robust platform that streamlines core business functions. Catering to multiple industries with industry specific products like HAL Contracting, HAL Trade, HAL Manufacturing and to niche verticals like school with our award winning HAL EDGE platform.

Solutions that takes you business where you always wanted it to be.

HAL REACH fosters collaborative working environments, encouraging seamless communication and productivity among teams.


No Integration Pain. Only Measurable Gains.

Businesses that use different software, end up with issues like: Implementation Woes, Inefficiency, Disconnected Data, Integrated Performance Overviews, etc.

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HAL ERP Apps offer seamless, hassle-free integration within a unified, modular solution. No more struggles to make diverse technologies collaborate.

Blue Checked

Our Apps seamlessly integrate with one another, automation all your business workflows, deliver cost savings and a host of other advantages.

Automates. Integrates. Collaborates.

HAL ERP combines ease of use, with automation, integration, and seamless collaboration between Apps. User-friendliness is prioritized, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can harness the power of ERP technology without a steep learning curve.

Intuitive User Interfaces

Empowers users to effortlessly navigate through various modules, facilitating rapid adoption and reducing training overheads.

Simplifying Complexity

HAL ERP breaks down silos and enables a holistic view of the business. Fostering teamwork & communication by providing real-time access to data, and facilitating decision-making.

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Many needs. Many apps. One goal!


Master Your Finances

Accounting  | Invoicing | Expenses | Group Consolidation | InterCompany


Accelerate Your Sales

CRM | B2B Sales | HAL POSsible  | Subscriptions | Rentals


Collaborate Seamlessly

ReachApp | Workflow | Activity | Calendar | Document Manager


Manage Your People

Core HR |Time & Attendance | Payroll | Employee Self Service | Appraisal | Recruitment | Team Incentives


Transform Your Manufacturing

Inventory | Purchase  | Manufacturing  |Quality Control  | Maintenance  | Project Stocks


Customised By Need

Contracting | Retail | Edgecation | Smart Supplier | Manufacturing | Services


Streamline Your Services

Project Management | Timesheet | Services | Facilities Management Simpli FM | Fleet Management | Claims Management

Recognized By The Best

"Capterra Accolades"
Elevate your business with our award-winning HAL ERP Saudi – trusted and acclaimed by industry leaders.

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Our users call it "Best ERP Saudi"

Transform your business with the ERP that our users proudly acclaim as the best in Saudi Arabia. Elevate your operations today.

"We implemented HAL ERP across our 80+ stores to streamline our retail operations. True to their creed, HAL has enabled us to run our business faster and helped us drastically cut down on redundancies. Our executive team has better clarity into live sales and store inventory movements. HAL’s team has the right expertise and greatly helped us optimize our business processes. We had a very seamless transition from our earlier system to HAL in a very short span of time."

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Shaik Omar Zubaidi
Asst GM, AlHomaidhi Group

"We were stuck up with a complicated system that needed expert intervention for every small business change. Our users were stuck up in a vicious cycle of talking with consultants rather than getting benefit from an operations ERP and we were spending more on employee overtime just for monthly closings. Once we transitioned to HAL ERP, the simplicity and user friendliness helped our employees be more productive and make sure they were able to do all necessary changes on their own. Users could seamlessly work across modules as the system is extremely easy to understand."

Baraa AlZaeem
Human Resource Manager, Sasakura Middle East Co LLC

"We were having a nightmare in managing our Inventory and fed up with continuous issues in production due to human error. We said good bye to all our trouble once we transitioned to HAL ERP – the simplicity of usage and quick learning design of the system was very comfortable to our large number of employees. Now we have complete peace of mind as our business processes are smoothly managed and ticket support takes care of us in the best way possible."

Jameel Ahmed
Finance Manager, Pan Gulf Optics