SAUDI BUSINESSES REJOICE! HAL Accounting Software Is Here To Revolutionize Your Finances

SAUDI BUSINESSES REJOICE! HAL Accounting Software Is Here To Revolutionize Your Finances

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May 22, 2024

One of the most vital departments of a business is ‘accounting’. But in today’s world, where people are busy chasing ‘deadlines’ more than their ‘dreams’, making mistakes with numbers is very common. But, will the leadership pardon the mishap? Guess you have already whispered “no” under your breath. But worry not, to avoid such mistakes, all you have to do is streamline your accounting processes with a software as easy-to-use as HAL’s accounting software!

This cloud-based software will make you experience a new way of accounting that’s efficient, simple and most importantly, faster than anyone can think of in Saudi Arabia. By choosing our automated best accounting software, you can effortlessly track your business’ expenses, generate invoices and reports, and manage payroll. 

Bonus: Our software is secure and compliant with Saudi Arabian regulations.

Why is HAL Accounting Software a Rage in Saudi Arabia?

When we say “this software is a rage”, we are not randomly boasting; it’s a fact. Below are some of the reasons why HAL’s accounting software used in Saudi Arabia has turned out to be every accountant’s “office-buddy”. 

Please take a look:

  1. Manage Business Cycles

By leveraging the power of HAL’s accounting software solutions, accountants can seamlessly go through their entire business cycle. From having a firm grip on receivables to ensuring that suppliers are paid on time, this software will do everything on behalf of accountants. 

  1. Turn Quotations to Invoices, Just with a Click!

Too hard to be true? Not really! With our accounting software, accountants can actually turn quotations into Invoices with a simple click! In fact, they can track their invoices from time to time; all thanks to the automated reminders. 

But that’s not all; accountants can manage multiple banks with this software and easily reconcile bank records!

  1. Controlling PO (Purchase Order) is Now Possible!

With the help of our best accounting software, get visibility into your order lifecycle! From issuing POs to your suppliers, to receiving them in your store, get an accurate report. Also, never delay your suppliers’ payments. 

You will also receive discounts with a demonstrated payment record.

  1. Get Reports Via WhatsApp

Explore WhatsApp connectivity for the first time in a Saudi accounting software! Receive all your important reports directly on WhatsApp, scheduled as per your preference - daily, weekly, or whenever you choose. Customize your reports to fit your needs and take the right decisions at the right time!

Other Perks of Choosing HAL Accounting Software

Now that you’re aware why our software has turned out to be every accountant’s favourite in Saudi Arabia, it’s time to walk you through the other perks:

  • Insightful Dashboard -  You can easily understand your business with our insightful dashboard! Get the information you are looking for at once, and make informed decisions.

  • Safe and Secured - Worried about data leakage? Rest assured that your financial data is as safe as a bank. Take full control of your data with our powerful user access control.

  • Speedy Bulk Action Processing - By using our accounting software, you can do a lot, in less time. From managing expenses and journals to transfers - get everything done at a lightning speed!

  • Easy Reconciliation - Using our Saudi accounting software, you can upload all your excel entries and then just wait for HALA Ai to do its magic. It will tally your bank statements and make accurate postings easily!

  • Effortless Compliance - Our software auto-formats invoices according to the ZATCA eInvoicing rules, and makes your VAT reports ready for filing, saving you lots of time and ensuring the required compliance.

  • 360 Transaction Analytics - HAL’s accounting software used in Saudi Arabia is powered by 360° transaction analytics, which will enable a complete assessment of all your financial records.

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